Peru and Covid in 2022 – What’s the Scoop?

Peru is still very strict on covid restrictions in Sept of 2022. I would say 90% of people still wear masks even walking around outside and definitely indoors. K95 or double regular masks. You need your two shots to get into the country and show your vaccination papers to go into some bars, restaurants and stores, However, I have only had to show it once so far and that was to get into the bazaar. He basically looked at it for a second. But I keep a digital copy on my phone at all times. I put it on my lock screen so it’s easy to access quickly. But to travel within Peru you need two shots PLUS the booster or you have to take a PCR covid test.

I don’t wear the mask outside walking around and I haven’t had anyone say anything about it yet, but they pretty much are fairly strict here. More strict than other parts of the world so just be prepared for that. In Greece where we just visited a few months ago they lifted masks regulations and nobody was wearing them really anywhere. And we didn’t have to show vaccination status to get in or anywhere really. So Peru is much more strict in the various countries I have traveled to since 2020.

Flying into Peru from America you only needed two shots not the booster as of 2022. So I am surprised that you need the booster to travel within Peru once you are here. Also to get to Machu Picchu you also have to show your vaccination card and they are limiting how many people can get in at a time. So get your tickets early. We almost didn’t get in and we are here for a month so I didn’t think it would be a problem. But as we were sitting with the tourist agent the dates kept getting booked and we had to keep going farther and farther out until the last days to go were right before we leave Peru. So it was a close call. You might want to book before you come if you are not going to be here for that many days. Check my blogs for more information about Machu Picchu for more details. There are lots of travel agencies. I do recommend them because there are so many details to consider and it’s stressful so why not have them coordinate all of it for you? I will upload the biz card of the place we went with.

When we booked our trip the agent looked at our vaccination cards and she didn’t even know what Moderna was, she had never heard of it. She showed me what the common vaccines were in Peru and they all come from China. So it’s all kinda weird honestly I mean you have to show it but do they even know what they are looking at? In the airport at immigration they have ladies in scrub type uniforms and they looked at mine and its basically printed out like it says prescriptions from Walgreens and she said ok and you are Tara? But didn’t look at my passport to verify that I was in fact actually Tara.

I mean here we are almost three years out. I feel like we are just going through the motions to get on with life really.

*Update* I have shown it to get into more restaurants and bars now being here a week. So it’s about a 50/50 you have to show your vax card. But a digital copy is totally fine.

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