Weather in Miraflores, Peru During September

I have been in Miraflores, Peru for a few days now exploring the coast and everything the city has to offer. We are here in September and the temperature is about mid 60s during the daytime and 50s during the nights. Its humid, chilly weather. It’s not really cold per say but not really warm either. It’s a nice change of pace from the hot, 90 degrees from Florida for sure. So I definitely am embracing the weather for sure. It’s what I like to call sweater weather. You can wear a light jacket or a sweater and be ok. I packed my Florida winter clothes because it feels like FL winter to me. So leggings, flannels, sweaters, scarfs, sweater dresses, tights, tennis shoes and of course hiking boots for Machu Picchu.

Now we are at sea level basically down here. Once we go up to the mountains for our trip to Cuzco & Machu Picchu, it’s going to be much colder. And we will need warmer clothes. Which we just booked and I recommend using a local travel agent because there a so many moving pieces. With covid they limit the amount of people going there now and we barley even made it. I will post more about Machu Picchu in anther post to go more in depth. And of course after we go. Also publishing the entire trip to Peru in a book and all of my travel series to various countries. Check out my about section for more details and to purchase!

When the sun does come out it nice and you don’t even need a jacket during the daytime. Miraflores lines the coast along the Pacific ocean. During September there is a foggy feel to it. If the sun comes out, it will burn the fog off and it’s gorgeous fall like weather. At night time it is still chilly jacket weather. I am still enjoying it however, because it’s a wonderful change from the 90 degree blazing fireball heat from FL. So I think it’s wonderful.

However it looks like the weather in Machu Picchu is warmer but I think that is because it’s in a valley so if the sun comes out. I will update after I am there! But as of now these are the current temps. From the search I have done and being here so far I agree, to dress in layers. Because we walk a lot. So when walking you get warmer. When sitting you get colder. So wear things you can take off when warm.

Weather in Cuzco in September
Weather in Lima in September
Weather in Machu Picchu in September

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