Allergies and Peru

I do not have many allergies. My entire family has bad pollen allergies and my brother had to get allergy shots. I have been lucky on that front. The only thing I am allergic to is mold, dairy, dust mites and cockroaches. Fun. After traveling to Greece and having a bad allergy attack and not bringing my Sudafed with me I learned that Sudafed is illegal in many countries. When I have an allergy attack being around mold or dust, Sudafed is the only thing that helps me. Not an antihistamine, like you think that would. Instead antihistamines make it worse and make my head feel like there is a vice grip on it and it’s going to explode. Instead I need the opposite. Being stuck without my little red pills in Greece I thought I was going to die. Thankfully we discovered a site that will allow you to find something similar to your medication you in within the country you are traveling. It’s called Pill in Trip. You type in what you need and what country you are in and it will pull up something similar so you can tell the pharmacist in your country. This is a life saver. Or better yet, bring what you need with you!

I’m glad I stocked up this time because I wasn’t sure what I was going to encounter in Peru. It’s September it’s chilly and its on the Pacific Ocean. Now I am from FL. So I am used to beachy weather. But this is south of the equator and its their winter time so it’s definitively a different cold. It’s a wet cold. Also the apartments and establishments here do not have central air or heat. So there is no air movement. For me being allergic to dust mites that is more of the issue. Once dust settles it gets into your nose and airways and that’s when I start having attacks. At home I have aircon running constantly, it’s FL, then a fan on my bed with a hepa filter and IV light and then ceiling fans. So no dust EVER has a chance to settle on my bed or pillow.

I usually travel with these small fans I bought on Amazon that are super awesome that have an LED light, so it also doubles as a night light. And the battery lasts for almost 36 hours. So I take these little bad boys with me even when going to Disney Parks because in FL walking around in 90 degrees heat isn’t fun for anyone. However, with it being cold in Peru, I didn’t think I would need them. But I should of trusted my gut and packed one anyway. My allergies have gone through the roof here. It’s more moldy and I have had more issues here versus FL I think because of the lack of central air.

portable LED fan
best little fan in the world

Being outside walking around in the open air I am much better. But I am also working too. So we having been working during the daytime. So trying to work from the airbnb, which I love and also makes me stuffy at the same time. So I sit outside on the balcony ,but it’s cold because we are on the water. So I sit in my velour sweats, sweater and blankets drinking coffee so I can be in the open air on my laptop. But I do have to take my Sudafed everyday and nasal spray. We leave the patio doors open some for airflow but then we had a bee fly in to hang out with us lol. So trying to figure out the balance.

I do love our airbnb though. It’s right on the cliff side of Miraflores. Which is a really safe area in Peru. I have been here a week now and absolutely love it. The building has a 247 security guard. There’s a huge park stretching all the way along the coastline that’s filled with joggers, bikers, people playing tennis, surfers, paragliding. I love just sitting here watching it everyday. Even if it does make my allergies act up.

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