Walking in Peru

Expect to walk about 3 – 6 miles a day while in Peru. Bring good walking shoes and a few different pairs. After walking so many miles everyday, I got a bruise on the bone of my inner toe just because I think my feet are not used to walking this much everyday back in Florida. So I’m glad I brought two different pairs of tennis shoes, one pair of flip flips and of course my hiking shoes when we do Machu Picchu.

The streets here are really clean in Miraflores area. They have city workers out almost everyday that I have seen so far. They have special outfits they wear. And they are always sweeping the streets and maintaining the lawns and grasses, trees, trash and it’ very clean. I’m actually surprised at how clean it is. That I can walk around in flip flops and not get my feet dirty. You can’t do that in Vietnam or Thailand. Hell you cannot even do that in NYC. However, you do have to watch out for the random pile of dog poo. The Peruvians love their dogs. OMG they are everywhere. I think every single resident that lives here owns at least 2 -3 dogs. Because you cannot have one dog, I mean it would get lonely. It needs a friend or three! So lots of dogs everywhere running around in the parks, on the trails and pooping.

And everyone is working out all the time. Jogging, walking, biking, doing pull-ups at the beach without shirts on even though it’s only 50 degrees out. Oh and surfing and paragliding and they are working and building a skate park. I woke up this morning to people running a 5K down below from our airbnb. The chilly winter air doesn’t stop these people from exercising daily. Kids doing karate, ladies doing yoga, teams playing soccer. It’s actually really awesome. I love that something is always going on. Sometimes I feel like I’m in California instead of Peru. You see just random surfers walking down the street in their wet-suites no shoes and boards. And it feels so Venice Beach or Hawaii.

Definitely walking around Peru is the best way to experience it. Yes, there is Uber here and rides are fairly cheap if you are going a longer distance, But it’s more fun to walk and see things at a slower pace close up. That’s how I prefer it. And I love walking the Pacific coastline here. It’s a bit chilly in September, but it gets warmer when you are out walking. So on a daily basis of us just going out and about for lunch, dinner and just hanging out we usually get in a good 5-6 miles a day. I was sore the first five days because my body wasn’t used to it. But now I’m good. I’m used to the exercise. I’m always healthier when I travel because of the constant walking and not having a car like in the states. It forces me to work out. Plus her we cannot always get an Uber. On Friday night they just kept canceling on us for once reason or another. So sometimes you just have to walk. But that’s more fun anyways.

Now there is a lot of construction around however to note as well. By the beaches they tend to keep it more contained. However, one day, walking back to our apartment on our normal trek that we do everyday I almost fell into a hole because I wasn’t paying attention looking at my iPhone. Our street was tore up. I’m like whoa that wasn’t there yesterday. Then the next day it was already filled in with wet concrete. Like hell that was fast. Then I was trying not to make wet footprints which has been made my little doggy paws prior and now I see why. Because construction happens fast.

By the main square about 30 mins inland where the President lives, now that is a n entirely different story. There you want to wear tennis shoes. That area was utter chaos and a totally different scene all together than the beach and Miraflores. Every other street was tore up and they were digging and looked like laying new pipes or something. That felt more like Vietnam. Like seriously watch out for your life. Constantly dodging broken sidewalks, trying not to fall into a huge hole while not being run over by a car or cement truck and being pushed by people and kids in strollers. It was cray cray! No flip flops there, you might break a toe! I should have taken a gopro time lapse video

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